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Attorney Vincent Hein's
Client Reviews from AVVO

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Estate Planning - excellent attorney
Posted by Pat, May 2016

Overall Rating: Excellent

I contacted Attorney Hein about estate planning. He was very helpful, knowledgeable and honest. We discussed many options and he helped me with a will, level III power of attorney for finances and power of attorney for health care. He was very easy and comfortable to talk to and explained things well. He also helped me explore other options that may be appropriate in the future including setting up trusts for my real estate. He never made me feel pressured or hurried and really helped me think through different options. I will continue to use him in the future, and I recommend him to others.

Outstanding Lawyer
Posted by Andrea Brockway, May 2016

Overall Rating: Excellent

Attorney Vincent Hein was a great help to my mother and I in planning my mothers affairs. I needed all the correct legal paper work to protect her as her illness progresses. He prepared a level III power of attorney as well as a caregiver agreement. He explained everything to us in terms we both could understand. He didn't give you the typical "lawyer" vibe he genuinely seemed to care about making sure his client is fully protected and fully understands what they are signing. He was very thorough and put both our minds at ease about the future. He offered more planning than I had even expected. We will continue to work with him as needed in the future. I would highly recommend using his services.

Thanks Atty. Hein
Posted by Diane, February 2016

Overall Rating: Excellent

I contacted Atty Hein because my trust had a serious problem. He provided excellent advice and service to get my trust back on track. Thanks again. Everything is in order now.

Honest, Knowledgable, Helpful
Posted by Claudia, February 2016

Overall Rating: Excellent

Atty. Hein reviewed the wills and trusts of my mother and step-dad that were done by another attorney. The other Atty. left me very confused about how those documents worked. Atty. Hein helped me to understand and gave advice of what to do. (Stepdad had died) After my mother died, he did all the paperwork for me to turn in to close out the trust. Also made referrals for taxes and a conflict resolution atty in case needed. These things are not all done yet, but I feel confident that if there are any issues, or I have other questions, he will be there for me. I trust him.

Helpful Attorney!
Posted by a Client, October 2015

Overall Rating: Excellent

We hired Vince to do nursing home protection planning for our parents. He was patient and helpful, and he explained everything very well. I recommend him to anyone. We were very pleased with him and the results. 

Recommend Mr. Hein
Posted by Jerrod, February 2015

Overall Rating: Excellent
Trustworthy: Excellent
Responsive: Excellent
Knowledgeable: Excellent
Kept me informed: Excellent
  • I recommend Vincent Hein.
He helped me with my bankruptcy. He was always willing to answer my many questions and work around my schedule. Highly recommended!!       

Recommend Mr. Hein
Posted by a Trusts Client, August 2014

Overall Rating: Excellent
Trustworthy: Excellent
Responsive: Excellent
Knowledgeable: Excellent
Kept me informed: Excellent
  • I recommend Vincent Hein.
  • I hired Vincent < 1 month ago.
  • Vincent handled my Trusts matter.
  • I have previously worked with 1-2 lawyers.
Mr. Hein helped me set up a Trust. He is very professional and organized. Explained everything in detail. Told me of things that needed to be done that I didn't think of. I will recommend Mr. Hein to friends and family members.

Professional and Knowledgeable
Posted by Pam, an Estate Planning client, June 2014

Overall rating:   Excellent
Trustworthy:  Excellent
Responsive:   Excellent
Knowledgeable:  Excellent
Kept me informed:  Excellent
  •  I recommend Vincent Heine
I hired Vincent 6-12 months ago.Vincent handled my Estate Planning matter.I have previously worked with 1-2 lawyers. My husband and I were married before and both have children, we are a blended family with for us unusual issues. We became acquainted with Mr. Hein when the attorney my husband hired prior to our marriage gave up his practice. Mr. Hein studied our file before our appointment and was knowledgeable about our issues beforehand therefore didn't waste our time explaining everything to him. He did not pressure us to make decisions we did not fully understand. He Is very professional and personable and gave us lots of information and tools to keep informed. When everything was completed we left feeling relieved and confident there are no loose ends that will cause problems for our children later. This was for estate planning, asset protection is the next step using Mr. Hein.

Vincent Hein - the lawyer with the personal touch
Posted by Kathy, an Estate Planning client, April 2014

Overall rating:  Excellent
Trustworthy:  Excellent
Responsive: Excellent
Knowledgeable:  Excellent
Kept me informed:  Excellent
  • I recommend Vincent Hein
  • I hired Vincent 1-6 months ago
  • Vincent handled my Estate Planning matter. 

Vincent Hein is a very personable and enjoyable lawyer to be with as he helped me through my estate planning. He is very organized and knowledgeable regarding all of the paperwork that was stacked and ready to go for my signature even before I had entered the room. He was kind and patient as he answered all of my questions, and I did have a lot of them! He is passionate about his practice and his professionalism with clients is easily demonstrated as he painstakingly addresses and explains every piece of paper presented so there are no surprises or further questions. I would not hesitate to recommend him to any of my friends or relatives for any legal matters.

Vincent Was Very Helpful
Posted by a Client, March 2014

Overall Rating: Excellent
Trustworthy: Excellent
Responsive: Excellent
Knowledgeable:  Excellentt
Kept me informed: Excellent
  • I recommend Vince Hein
We met with Vincent to get advice on protecting our assets from nursing homes. We were very happy with our service. He explained things thoroughly and we feel much more comfortable now that we have a plan in place.

Posted by a Estate Planning Client, March 2013

 Overall Rating: Excellent
  •  I recommend Vince Hein
I hired Vincent 1-3 years ago. Vincent handled my Estate Planning matter. I have previously worked with 1-2 lawyers. Vince has taken care of our whole family at this point with estate planning, and even bankruptcies for some of us. He was affordable and honest and he really helped us when we needed him.